Sunday, 9 December 2018

My Ultimate Girl Crushes!

I've never been one to shy away from my sexuality. I identify as straight with a few kinks...I find women sexually attractive and in my younger years I had minor sexual experiences with members of the same sex. I think it's pretty normal to be open and honest about your preferences, the things that turn you on and the things that don't, it's all about being in charge of your own needs and wants. 

I think many people shy away from things like this as it makes them uncomfortable, and that's ok, what obviously floats one person's boat won't necessarily float another person's ya know. I'm gonna hold my hand up and say as a woman of 32, I enjoy sex, I enjoy porn and I enjoy the female form. The older I've gotten the more comfortable I've become in asserting my likes and dislikes.

I think it's important for me to just also add that the way these women look isn't all that attracts me to them, it's the roles they take and the things that they stand for that also add to the attraction. I certainly have a 'type' when it comes to girl crushes and no it's not what they look like, it's the strength they portray, that to me is by far a more attractive trait than the size of their tits or colour of their hair. 

So without further ado here are my top 5 celebrity female crushes and the reasons why they kick ass!

1. Eliza Dushku

Eliza is my original girl crush, the first woman that I found sexually attractive. I was about 14 when I first saw Eliza grace my screen as troubled slayer Faith Lehane in my favourite TV show Buffy The Vampire Slayer. She was the perfect embodiment of female strength and empowerment, she refused to be molded or told what to do. I heavily identified with her characterisation as Faith, she brought out Faith's vulnerability and fractured mental state, she gave me a character who I could see myself in. 
Eliza is a former addict who is coming up to 8 years sober, she is also the CEO of Boston Diva Productions and serves on the Board of Directors for the THRIVEgulu organisation, an organisation dedicated to helping survivors of war in Uganda.
 Over the years I've watched pretty much anything Eliza appears in, she's been in countless TV shows, Movies and  Music Videos, she is an amazing actress, a brilliant role model and still holds my top spot of ultimate girl crushes. 

2. Angelina Jolie

I don't know what to say here other than it's Angelina Jolie! She's undeniably attractive but again whilst her dark and brooding good lucks are without a doubt incredible it's the roles she takes and characters she embodies that makes her truly attractive. 
Angelina is a Humanitarian and promotes various causes including Education and Women's Rights. She's won numerous awards including a Golden Globe for 'Girl Interrupted' which is without a doubt one of the best films of hers to date. At 43 years of age, I can honestly say she is even more breathtakingly beautiful than ever, but it's her sheer strength and determination that shines through and makes her such a desirable woman and one that we can look up to and admire. 

3. Maria Avgeropoulos

Until Maria hit our screens as Octavia Blake in CW'S The 100, I didn't know who she was, however seeing her character's growth in The 100 is what has secured her a place here on my list. Despite her baby face, she is actually the exact same age as me. Again, she plays strong-willed and determined women, characters that can be looked up too. Her portrayal of Octavia in the 100 is brilliant, you watch as this young troubled girl who's spent her entire childhood hiding suddenly blossoms and blooms into a warrior and then an unforgiving leader, she brings to the surface Octavia's dormant Mental Health issues and that allows you, the viewer a peek inside the head of such a troubled character. 
She is stunningly beautiful and there's no crime in admitting that as long as we also don't forget her talents as an actress. 

4. Caity Lotz

Caity Lotz is a model, singer, actress, and co-founder of SheThority a women empowerment organisation. She has training in various forms of Martial Arts including Taekwondo, Muay Thai and Krag Maga, she is one hell of an incredible woman, she is strong, she is resilient and she strives to help other women embody that strength too.
 I fell in love with her portrayal of her Bi-Sexual character Sara Lance/White Canary in the CW's Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow. She's fierce and she knows it and she is a role model for women across the world. 

5. Amy Lee

Amy Lee is the 36-year-old lead singer of the nu-metal band Evanescence. I fell in love first with her hauntingly beautiful vocals on their debut singer 'Bring me to life' and then with her stunning goth persona. There is something undeniably attractive about a person who can lay their soul bare through their art, in her case through the lyrics in her band's songs. 
I've spoken out before in a previous BLOG post about her music and why she's such an icon. Her sound came out at a time when I desperately needed something to cling on to, her lyrics spoke to me and her goth image instantly attracted me. She's another strong woman and her unique sound and image is a welcome break from the candy coloured pop we're so used to hearing on the radio. 

You see, for me, it's not just what a person looks like that attracts me to them, it's who they are beneath that, what they stand for and what they bring to the table. Each of these women embodies strength and resilience, each of these women either portray strong kick-ass characters or sing empowering anthems. Each of these women are without a doubt undeniably attractive but they are so much more than just what they look like, they have layers to them. It's easy to fancy the fuck out of what someone looks like, it's easy to say 'nice tits' or words to that effect, but it's what lies beneath the exterior that really gets me going, what they look like is just a happy added bonus. 

So, there we have it, my top 5 girl crushes and the reasons why. Hope you enjoyed delving into my world. 

My Top 5 Christmas Films!

HoHoHo! We are literally only a couple of weeks away from the jolly fat man in red squeezing himself down our chimneys or using his magic key to open up any front door around the world, leaving gifts in his wake beneath our trees and shoved in stockings like some sort of robust in reverse robber.

With Christmas comes a tidal wave of cheap straight to TV Christmas movies that all have the same overall pretense, some overworked and scrooge-type character falls in love with the human embodiment of Christmas and they live happily ever after and then the film usually ends with snow and cheery grins all round. Now, none of those films grace my list thank god, instead, I've opted to bring you my top 5 funny and quirky Christmas films. Enjoy!

1. National Lampoons Christmas Vacation

This film is by far my all-time favourite Christmas film, it was released back in 1989 and of course, stars Chevy Chase as Clarke Griswold who is on a quest to provide his family with the best Christmas ever, from digging up his own gigantic tree, to frightening his neighbours with a chainsaw, to uninvited quests and a particularly funny squirrel attack plus a gift wrapped and kidnapped boss, this family film has enough to make the kids giggle and adults snort with laughter, if you've never watched it then what the fuck is wrong with you? Go on, go watch it right now! You'll love it!

2. The Muppets Christmas Carol

This sing-along festive film was released in 1992 and stars Michael Caine as Ebenezer Scrooge! It follows various Muppet characters as they portray the characters from the classic Christmas Carol short story, Gonzo stars as Charles Dickens and him and Rizzo the Rat narrate the story as we see Scrooge overcome his anti-Christmas ways after being visited by three ghosts. The songs are enough to keep the kids entertained plus the banter between Gonzo and Rizzo is often hilarious. It's a classic and I urge you to give it a watch. 

3. Jingle All The Way

This family comedy film was released in 1996 and stars Arnold Schwarzenegger as workaholic dad Howard Langston. Howard is on a mission to secure a Turbo Man figure for his son for Christmas and in true hapless dad style he's left the gift buying to last minute. This movie is a bit predictable in places but the battle of the dads between Arnold and co-star Sinbad is bloody funny. It's not gonna win any awards for Christmas originality but it'll provide you and yours with a few festive giggles. Plus, you get to see Arny punch a reindeer in the face. Enjoy!

4. The Santa Clause

 Aaaawww man, I love this film. Released in 1994, Tim Allen stars as divorced dad Scott Calvin. On Christmas Eve he accidentally knocks Santa off his rooftop thus becoming the new Santa. It's a funny and quite heartwarming film, you watch Tim struggle with his new identity as he tries to persuade his son and loved ones that he is indeed Santa. It's the first in a trilogy though, in all honesty, the other two struggle to live up to this one. 

5. Elf

Elf was released in 2003 and stars Will Ferrel as Buddy the Elf. As a toddler Buddy was accidentally transported to the North pole and raised amongst Santa's elves, however, as he grows older he struggles to shake off the feeling that he doesn't belong and so goes on a journey of self-discovery to New York City to find his biological dad and along the way he spreads Christmas joy to all the inhabitants of New York. It's a lovely family film to snuggle up and watch on a lazy Sunday afternoon. 

A special mention, however, goes out to Die Hard, because despite what you may think it IS a Christmas film whether you like it or not! I mean, come on, it's set on Christmas Eve, what more proof do you need? Released in 1988 it stars Bruce Willis as John McClane, an off-duty NYPD officer who faces off against terrorists in an epic cat and mouse chase inside a skyscraper. It recently made it on to my list of Top 10 Movies of all time, to read that click here!

So, there we have it, my round up of Festive films to sit down, snuggle up with and enjoy! What would make your list?

Monday, 3 December 2018

Blog Tour: Heavenward by Olga Gibbs

For the past few weeks, I've had the pleasure of reading Book 1 in the Celestial Creatures series by Olga Gibbs, it's called Heavanward, it was a real pleasure taking part in this Blog Tour. The book community of Twitter is so friendly and it's a pleasure to be part of it. 

Firstly, let's meet the Author: Olga Gibbs

Olga Gibbs lives in a leafy-green town, nestled amongst the green fields of West Sussex, England. She was writing from the age of fifteen, mainly short stories and novellas and was a guest columnist for a local newspaper. When she's not dreaming up new adventures for her imaginary friends, she does outreach work with teenagers.

She is currently writing the second book in the Celestial Creatures series and another stand-alone psychological crime thriller book.

Olga is active across various Social Media platforms, you can keep up to date with new of her writing on her WebsiteTwitterFacebook and Instagram.


With the power to end the world, would you protect humanity when it broke you or would you take revenge?

Meet Ariel: a quiet, unnoticeable girl with an incredible gift...

Ariel never had an easy or pleasant life, but the arrival of three gorgeous strangers meant her measured life is turned upside down, as she discovers that angels exist.

Now against her will, she's drawn into an ancient celestial conflict, where her powers will decide the fate of humanity.

Deceived, threatened, hunted and now on the run, who can she trust? 


This book is right up my street, I'm a huge lover of Young Adult fiction especially the mystical kind with a strong female lead. Ariel is an overall likeable character with strong, defiant traits that I really latched on to. It was interesting hitching a ride with Ariel as she goes on this journey of self-discovery. The overall story arc is enjoyable, finding out that Ariel holds within her the incredibly strong essence of a fallen angel is really interesting, as is her defiance at the situation. 

The scenery that Olga describes is picture perfect, you can see it in your head in all its splendid glory. It's both beautiful and horrifying at the same time.  I found this book incredibly hard to put down and kept finding myself still wide away at gone midnight because I just didn't want to stop reading it yet, the shorter chapters were really helpful as with 4 children sometimes I struggle to fit the time in to read, hence the reading until midnight. It really succeeds in pulling you in. 

I found the dialogue easy to read, the story flows perfectly and the characters stick out, none of them is particularly forgettable. 

Overall I would definitely recommend this book to other Young Adult fiction lovers and those who are interested in Angels and their mythology. 

I would rate this book as a firm 4/5. 

Purchase Links: 

Amazon: Kindle Edition
Amazon: Paperback

As a thank you for reading my blog review Olga has gifted you all the opportunity to read an e-copy of Heavenward for FREE by clicking HERE!

Book 2 in the Celestial Creatures series is out May next year and is available for pre-order now by clicking this link.

If you'd like to read further reviews of this fantastic book then check out the other wonderful bloggers as they embark on the blog tour journey.